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Your Personal Guide to Fireplace Insert Installations (and how to clean it)

Winter In Texas

The Texan winters are very underestimated in wrath, and one of the ways that can make the winter months as livable and cozy as possible is with a fireplace, but which type, and what are you looking for? Let’s talk, updating an old wood stove fireplace can prove to be a hefty and complicated job, for many households the most obvious solution is inserts. This blog will cover everything from types of inserts to their costs, tips, and all the way to how you can have one come to a living room near you. So get cozy and enjoy this informative read.

Understanding what a fireplace insert is

To put it directly and phrase it simply, an insert is a self-contained fireplace that can fit into your existing fireplaces. These fireplaces fulfill all that you’d expect a fireplace to accomplish, they are fueled by electricity, wood, gas, and any other means that you may see fitting and aesthetic. These fireplaces are installed specifically by hearth professionals—so you’re in good hands.

As the classy wood fireplaces are most definitely nostalgic and charming, they also offer less charming traits such as certain odors and soot that can be expected as a result of the aftermath. These traditional wood fireplaces are most commonly not used as they are more of a mess to deal with and have lower efficiency due to the drafts from the chimney opening; the fireplace insert answers these problems efficiently and aesthetically. An insert installation means that this won’t be an issue in the long run as the chimney opening will be sealed.

Evaluating the types of Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts:

Let’s discuss the old and traditional wood fireplaces that we all know and love. Chimeny-based fireplaces, such as wood fireplaces tend to pull warm air up through the chimney and leech the existing warm air in rooms to the winter sky proving to be ineffective when not in use. This means that of course your central heater will have to work harder to heat up those rooms, and ist very cost-inefficient and can leave quite a number on your energy bill. That’s why here at Texas Chimenys, we recommend gas fireplace inserts. Gas fireplaces are contained and concentrated, leaving the heat contained in your room and proving to be far more energy efficient and aesthetic touch to any room that is fortunate to possess it.


To explain further, gas fireplace inserts are directly connected via a gas line. With a vented fireplace insert, the gas will be vented through an aluminum vent through your existing chimney. The hot air can as well be vented out throughout the living space with a propeller that can heavenly distribute the hot air throughout the room.


Although it’s important to note that this isn’t only exclusive to gas fireplaces. This is as well a feasible option for wood and electric fireplace inserts and is an extremely versatile option. This upgrade can take an old and unused fireplace to an extremely helpful amenity in your room all while boosting your space in its appeal and value.

Electric fireplace inserts:

The effect real flames have on some homeowners isn’t exactly the relaxed and cozy feeling that one would hope for, and some may opt for an electric fireplace instead. Electric fireplaces create warm air by venting it out into the room similar to how a centralized heater may do, the lighting effect is created by warm LED lights that have lengthy lives and make a believable and cozy visual effect as though real flames are dancing from behind the glass panel.

Electric fireplaces have been proven to be a very popular choice as a result of their cost efficiency, it requires less energy usage and is cheaper to install as it doesn’t require ventilation as gas and wood fireplaces require and naturally you don’t need a professional to install it. An electric insert is as easy as finding where you’ll insert it and finding an electric circuit to connect it to.

Why an electric insert you may ask, not every household has an available gas line and pulling it over to wherever you may need may prove to be costly. Similar to gas fireplace inserts, electric fireplace inserts are available in numerous sizes in order to fit the place you desire.

Wood Fireplace Inserts:

Wood fireplace inserts are the ideal go-to if you’re seeking to avoid the mess of wood fireplaces, yet still want to conserve the traditional and classy wood ambiance. Wood fireplace inserts allow you to warm up your room with less wood, it’s like a discounted fireplace, but with top-of-the-cake technologies. This will offer your room a designer and uxorious appeal while keeping you warm in the times you need it most.


Pellet Fireplace Inserts:

If you may be wondering about pellet fireplace inserts, then take note that they are similar in every way to other insert types. As the name implies, pellet fireplaces are fueled with wood pellets stored in the compartment beneath the insert. These insert types are the ideal fireplace option for those who don’t have available liquid propane or gas already at hand.

If you’re looking for an elegant and classy look, ask our professionals about our pellet inserts, they’re an easy maintenance option for homeowners looking to warm up their living spaces.

How much does it cost to install and use a fireplace insert?

Varying on the type of insert, the company whos installing it for you, and the design, it can cost up to $1000. Many of the wood, pellet, and gas fireplace inserts you’ll find here and around Huston can range from around $2000-$3000. Some aspects that are unfortunately not included in the fireplace installation are the installation process for its labor, venting (besides for electric fireplace inserts), and running a gas or electric line to the fireplace site if necessary. Homeowners who will be inserting their fireplace insert into an existing fireplace can have the venting run up the chimney through the help of liners and will be vented out through the existing opening, this option is far more cost-efficient, saving your pockets and your chimney.


Among the most popular questions we receive here at Texas Chimneys is “about how much would it cost to run and maintain a fireplace insert? The truthful answer is really depending on the type of fuel your fireplace will be running on, and naturally, the number of times you use your fireplace throughout the year. To provide an example, if you chose or choose a wood or pellet fireplace insert, then running the fireplace costs less than the other options, but it does require more maintenance and cleaning attentiveness along with of course purchasing the wood as well, these factors can result in a vastly different bill than one yod finds from an electric fireplace which may cost your electricity bill, but that’s about it.

In the context of electric or gas fireplaces, costs can vary depending on:


  • The fireplace in use
  • The cost of fuel or electricity in your area or region
  • The size of your home


The main difference between electric and gas fireplaces and their utility costs can depend on the gas prices in your region for your gas fireplace, and the electricity prices in your local area. To contextualize further, your typical electric fireplace runs at around 18/20 cents per hour at the highest mode, while gas fireplace inserts run at their highest costing about 42/50 cents per hour to operate. Additionally, installation costs can be cheaper if you before hand for your gas fireplace insert.


In the planning phases, consider your fireplaces fuel options: Electricity, gas, wood, or pellets for energy saving.  


Wood pellets and wood generally are an economically stable choice for some, as their prices are similar as seen with gas and electricity prices. When the colder seasons come along many buy pellets in bulk to keep them warm throughout the cool autumn and winter months of Texas—consider dry and cool places to store your pellets before buying.  Similarly, you can find wood at relatively low prices and can buy them as well in bulk to keep you and your family warm throughout the Texan winters. Just like with pellets, try finding a proper place that can efficiently accommodate them safely and efficiently.

Fireplace Insert Options

When purchasing a gas fireplace, it is important to have an “adage” in order to have the ability to control its heat high heat levels. This control can permit you to control the heating while enjoying the fire. Controls are crucial to your control over your fireplace and can raise the ease and which you control and use your fireplace. Gas fireplaces come with either a remote control or a built in setting to help you manage and control it throughout. Another amazing recent feature is the ability to connect your gas fireplace virtually through your mobile divice, so when you get home, your space is already warm and cozy ready to greet you at the door.
Additionally, you can control it even without electricity, with battery backup, giving you easy access to control even the vent in times of blackouts and other related circumstances.


To look at this from a more aesthetic perspective, gas fireplace inserts come in dozens of aesthetic designs ranging from rustic, vintage, modern, cozy, and art deco styles. With choices from bronze looks, all the way to matt black, you have the power at your fingertips to design your interior design as you wish. With anti-reflective glass, you are able to impress your guests with a none glare look, making the flames extra visible and clear to those in the living spaces, making you both enjoy the warmth and coziness and the pleasing sought after view that everyone is hoping for when choosing their fireplace option.

Fireplace Installation process

The process of replacing your original wood fireplace with an insert of your choice can take up to one day to complete if done by a fireplace professional. Below are some of the necessary steps to get the show on the road:

1: Measure your fireplace dimensions and contact your fireplace professional to let them know in order to efficiently find the perfect fitting insert accommodation. These measurements should include, the height of the opening, the width, depth, and any other relevant information should as well be included. By knowing the sizes and dimensions, you can efficiently know what fireplace is the most fitting to your firebox.

2: Select your fireplace based on the designs and features you want. There is a wide array of options for you to choose from and to select the most fitting option to you and your home.

It is vital to put into consideration the heat tolerance the area has, and how much the box can take. Wood fireplace inserts range at 40,000 to 60,000 BTUs, while gas fireplace inserts typically range from about 27,000 to 40,000 BTUs per hour, pellet inserts typically have BTUs in a range between 30,000 and 50,000. Calculating the size of the space that needs to be heated up can not only save you money from overly heating up a space that doesn’t necessitate that same heating power, but it can also help with the security of your room, furniture, and family. Smaller rooms need of course smaller fireplaces with less BTU and larger spaces with a matching BTU. Invite us as we are hearth specialists, and we can help you find the most fitting accommodation.

3: Now you can schedule your insert date, with us at Texas Chimneys, this can take up to one day, depending on the fireplace availability and design. Please take into consideration that one of our professionals may first want to inspect the area first to get a better picture of what he or she may be working with, and this may push off the installation day for safety and efficiency purposes.

Contact a professional

Fireplace inserts are no easy task and definitely require professional handling. Texas Chimeys is a Huston based company serving locally and impressing customers for over a decade, We offer everything from installations to fireplace designs and options that vary based on your preference. Our team is composed of top professionals with high experience in the field of fireplaces and chimneys. Request your no-obligation consultation today, and we’ll see what we can do for you!

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