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Chimney Cleaning &

Are you looking for a way to warm up your home more efficiently? Turn to our experienced repair contractors. We provide professional services to help you avoid extensive damage to your chimneys as we make sure your structure lasts for years to come. Get in touch with us at (713) 322-5196 for the best chimney services in Houston, Texas.

Gas Fireplace

A fireplace is a centerpiece of your home, it’s a place to gather, warm up, enjoy company, and get cozy. Our experts provide professional cleaning, repair, and maintenance for all kinds of fireplaces and dryer vent systems to ensure your home stays in a smooth and elegant condition. Our goal is to help you keep your chimney and vent systems working safely and efficiently. For the best fireplace and vent system services you might need, call Texas Chimney LLC at (713) 322-5196.

Chemical Cleaning

Outdoor fireplaces require the same, or even more, maintenance as indoor fireplaces. Our expert technicians provide the best of both worlds in efficiently maintaining either outdoor or indoor chimneys. We thoroughly inspect your fireplace to ensure the safest operation for your home. Contact us today at (713) 322-5196 to book an inspection schedule to keep you safe and ready for cold days to come.

Other Services:

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